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In order to restructure the UK economy and improve its competitive position, national policy is focusing on stimulating innovation, improving skills in science, engineering and technology, encouraging knowledge exchange between universities and businesses, improving business investment in R&D and investing in new and emerging technologies. The Regional Economic Strategy developed by One NorthEast also aims at increasing the Gross Value added to 90% of the national average and creating 22,000 new businesses over the next 10 years. Newcastle Science City has been set up to significantly support the delivery of these national and regional agendas. As a national initiative, Newcastle Science City has been taken forward by Newcastle City Council, Newcastle University and ONE NorthEast to integrate research, innovation and communities in the city.

Newcastle Science City’s vision is to enhance prosperity from science in Newcastle.

It aims to capitalise on the world-class scientific research being conducted in Newcastle for the economic and social benefit of the City, and to create an environment that enables science and business to work together effectively.

Over the past three years, Newcastle City Council, Newcastle University and One NorthEast have formed a partnership to develop the strategic vision and objectives of Newcastle Science City as it plays a key part in their respective ambitions and strategies.

Following the appointment of Dr Peter Arnold as CEO in June 2008, the NSC Board agreed to develop 5 strands of activities. These are:

  • Building the Partnership: extending the partnership beyond the three core partners and managing the development of the Newcastle Science City brand. This activity will also play a key role in integrating activities and linking organisations and people together to fulfil the NSC vision.
  • Creating a vibrant “science persona” amongst the science citizens in Newcastle and engaging with the global business and wider community to demonstrate its impact locally and internationally  through the Science Enterprise project.
  • Creating more high growth science based businesses through an Innovation Machine which will focus on insight-led innovation
  • Education and Public Engagement to develop awareness of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) skills required by businesses in the future, and to raise awareness of future opportunities and careers in science to a wide range of individuals across the city.
  • Developing a unique 19 acre Science Central mixed-use development for a science community within the city centre of Newcastle

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